tuberose   Our best selling floral. Lush, seductive, voluptuous - tuberose is famously all of these.

firewood sage   Our best selling resin. Charred teak and amber with aromatic sage and lavender oils.

lemongrass   Our best selling citrus. Bold lemongrass brightened with lemon and basil oils. A favorite kitchen candle.

currant   Fresh, sharp berry notes. Our black currant version of a modern classic.

jasmine   Big floral notes. Pungent jasmine and spicy ylang-ylang cast an Eastern enchantment.

grapefruit   Succulent grapefruit and yuzu oils with crushed leaves and steams of citrus - the classic french fragrance component known as petitgrain.

frankincense myrrh   Fragrant resins of the Middle East with tobacco leaf and bergamot - the Italian lemon and orange hybrid used to flavor Earl Grey tea.

lavender   Lavender's powder-soft floral top notes with rosemary's deep, piney notes. Summer in Provence.

cedar marine   Aromatic essential oil of red cedar with a marine, or ocean-like note.

gardenia   Lush, tropical floral with a fresh and modern edge.

ginger lemongrass   Spicy and fresh, with cardamom. Decidedly Asian in character.

mint eucalyptus   The spa candle. Essential spearmint and eucalyptus oils with grounding hints of lemongrass and ginger.

ginger vanilla   Dry vanilla, tangy ginger, with warm citrus and cedar notes.

black pepper rose  Sophisticated green-note fig with accents of the inspired French combination 'rose au poivre'. My most unique fragrance statement.